After the Acceptance Letter: Seven Healthy Mindsets for Emotional Wellness in College

A new book by Gina Davis, PsyD

Is college not what you thought it would be? Are you feeling stressed, adrift or overwhelmed? This book is for you!

After the Acceptance Letter: Seven Healthy Mindsets for Emotional Wellness in College is your guide to emotional and mental wellness during the college years.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Seven healthy mindsets that will support your personal development
  • Strategies to help you focus and pursue what’s important to you
  • How to take care of your emotional and mental well-being in college and beyond

Getting into college is a major achievement, but it’s only the beginning. Your personal college journey starts now. The work of becoming a person.  The work of becoming you. 

What people are saying…

“This is a book that every young adult entering college should have access to.”     

– Andrew Fox, Writer & Editor

“Dr. Davis covers everything from disability accommodations to navigating mental health services in college.  After the Acceptance Letter will support any college student in figuring out how to make their undergraduate experience worthwhile – personally and academically. A must-read for anyone looking to manage the challenges of higher education and young adulthood.”

– Nina G, PsyD, professional speaker, college counselor

After the Acceptance Letter is perfect for:

  • high school students
  • high school graduates (an excellent graduation gift!)
  • incoming college students
  • college students
  • young people who want to make mental health a priority

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Click here to have the free supplemental workbook sent to your inbox! Workbook includes every exercise & worksheet from the book:

  • What I Want to Get Out of College
  • My Self-Care Needs
  • Expectations Revisited
  • What Have I Already Learned About Myself?
  • My Values
  • Asking for Help
  • My Mental Health Journey So Far
  • My Mental Health Yellow Flags
  • My Mental Health Action Plan
  • Defining Healthy Relationships
  • My Relationship History So Far
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