10 ways to cope with college rejection

It’s almost April and we all know what that means: thousands of young people across America are hearing back from the colleges they applied to months earlier. This was a record year for college applications (global pandemic, anyone?) and while many college applicants will receive acceptance letters, even more will rejection letters. Being told “no”Continue reading “10 ways to cope with college rejection”

Ten Strategies for Finishing Your Thesis or Dissertation (On Time!)

In last week’s post, I shared about my own experience writing a 165-page dissertation in graduate school, and talked about some of the common pitfalls students face when jumping this huge academic hurdle. It’s such a stressful, anxiety-provoking, long-term challenge, and everyone responds to the pressure in different ways. In fact, many people…don’t finish theirContinue reading “Ten Strategies for Finishing Your Thesis or Dissertation (On Time!)”