Give Yourself Permission to Suck in 2020

There is a no rule that says you have to be perfect right out the gate, such as on the first day of school or work or trying a new exercise or project or undertaking.

But sometimes our critics – both self-imposed and external – will tell us we don’t have the right to a natural learning curve.

As 2020 starts, I want to remind us all that if you care and you’re trying, you don’t have to be perfect for it to mean something. For it to be worthwhile. For YOU to be worthwhile.

Reminding ourselves that we don’t have to be perfect – in fact, even giving ourselves “permission to suck” as the author John Green says, can be incredibly life-giving and liberating. If you’re sucking at something, at least you’re doing something.

Take some time to notice your perfectionistic thoughts and tell yourself you’re “good enough” as you are. Distance yourself from people in your life who don’t understand that learning and growing doesn’t happen in a straight, perfect line. You don’t need that toxicity.

Surround yourself with support, love and compassion.

You deserve it.

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